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Question - What is Secondary Double Glazing?

Answer - Secondary glazing is another window fitted on the inside of you existing window, our system is aluminium with a hardwood sub-frame, it is some times called secondary windows.

Question - Will it eliminate draughts?

Answer - Yes, but we recommend that you draught proof the existing window as well

Question - Will it reduce noise?

Answer - Yes, considerably, for extra sound proofing consider a different thickness of glass to the existing glass, different thicknesses cut out different wave lengths giving improved noise reduction.

Also consider laminated glass for improved sound reduction, apart from ordinary laminated glass there is now a new generation of acoustic laminated glasses.

For additional reduction of noise pollution leave a 4" (104mm) cavity, line the reveals with acoustic tiles leaving a 3mm gap between the tiles and the prime window. Once again draught proofing the existing window is vitally important, you would be amazed that people/firms do not carry out this basic requirement

Question - Will it reduce heat loss?

Answer - Yes, the cavity formed between the prime and secondary windows is an effective thermal insulator, if the cavity is more than 4" (104mm) then you can get thermal currents within it that will decrease the insulation value.

Question - Will I need to re-decorate?

Answer - No, one of the big advantages of secondary double glazing is the fact the nothing is disturbed, our secondary glazing is even pre-finished so that you do not even need to paint it,

Question - How do I place and pay for my order?

Answer - You can order by phone, fax, email or letter, (see below for our contact details)

We accept secure credit card payments over the telephone: 0870 8500 710, international +44 01325 310520. We accept the following credit cards: visa, switch and mastercard.

You can post us a cheque, made payable to Protech Limited


Protech Limited
Bermingham House
Blue Bridge Centre
Horndale Avenue
Newton Aycliffe

Company Registration Number - 02856348

Question - How long will delivery take?

Answer - Delivery takes between 2 - 4 weeks

Question - What are the advantages of Secondary Glazing?

Answer - The advantages are: Reduced noise pollution, Lower heating costs, Added Security, Increased Comfort

Question - How long would it take to install?

Answer - Installation, either by yourself or us (within the north east of England) is quick, mess free and stress free. all secondary glazing units come fully assembled and glazed, please do not confuse our product with diy kits, our product is good enough for the managers office of our local NatWest Bank and a 35,000 installation for Industrial Estates Scotland.

Question - What tools will I need to install secondary glazing?

Answer - the sub-frames are predrilled, so you will need a screw driver or better still a cordless.

Once again we must stress that the product arrives to you fully assembled, glazes and shrink wrapped.

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